What to do on New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

What to do on New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

Dec 22, 2018

Are you looking for the best New Year’s Eve in Barcelona? Barcelona is the right place where to spend the last day of your year. There are plenty of options not just for those tourist who love crazy nights…it offers magic walks and perfect parties both for couples and families who want to discover the beautiful Catalan city on New Year’s Eve. Barcelona doesn’t let you want for anything!

Everybody would expect Fin de Año -that is to say the New Year’s Eve- in Barcelona to be sparkling, and so it is! Like every year the entertainment in the different squares, concerts and artistic live exhibitions will set the entire city on fire The Catalan major city makes herself available for you to find the perfect solution for your wishes.

Searching for a hint? Here a list of the most renowned events to welcome the new year..


The tradition of spending New Year’s Eve outdoor in Barcelona is not so popular as in other European cities. Even though since it is a festive city, you will probably find street-parties while walking down the streets. Most of Catalans have dinner at home before they go out and have fun with their friends in pubs and bars until morning.

It is exactly in Plaça de España that you will find the major celebrations, the 31st of December the square turns in a crowded and amusing stage in the open air. The real show is the one at Font Màgica de Montjuïc : light shows, music and the awesome fireworks will brighten the city. But before midnight, the most popular tradition is the “campanadas”, that is to say while the bells toll the last 12 seconds of the Nocevieja (literally the old night namely the last day of the year) people use to eat 12 grapes at rate of bongs.

Another famous place is Plaza Catalunya, where young people meet friends so they can have fun together and watch firework.

Usually when the fireworks display ends, people gather at some pubs or discos to keep on partying.

Nochevija at Poble espanyol

It is the oddest and greatest party in Barcelona. A traditional appointment enjoyed both by youngs and adults, tourists and locals. An open-air party programmed in the peculiar area located on Monjuïc Hill, enduring from the Universal Exposition in 1929. Every year more than 7.000 people meet at Poble Espanyol and have fun together all night long.

Music, champagne and fireworks mill make the party an unforgettable one. In addition to this you will be able to walk through three different spaces -or at least two!- : the Plaza Mayor, the marquee and a VIP area, that is to say a comfortable place reserved for a limited number of people. You are spoilt of choice when it comes to count down to the New Year!

A walk down La Rambla

A classic and timeless experience in Barcelona, not just on New Year’s Eve but every day of the year, is taking a walk through the major street of the city : La Rambla. 1km and 400mt long, it links Plaça Catalunya to Port Vell (the old Port) and it is never boring, both for tourists and for locals. Loads of dancers, street artists, painters and jugglers liven up the magic atmosphere. Benefit from your stroll entering one of the discos along the street. The famous Club 4, the City Hall, make the whole city dance!

Do you want to welcome the new year just dancing? The discos all around the city and luxurious hotel too offer both dinner and music with open bar all night long. You have just to choose the kind of music and the district you prefer. For more details about the different events, just double check on their web site, so you can have an idea of the prices as well.

Furthermore many restaurants use to arrange even Flamenco performances. Why don’t you welcome the New Year practising a new experience?
Have you ever spent your New Year’s Eve in Barcelona? Which experience did you prefer? Share it with us!