Markets in Barcelona

Markets in Barcelona

May 14, 2018

Today I‘m going to talk about food markets, something I think really interesting and distinguishing for every culture.

I mean I’m italian and I know how much it is important to eat well, beyond this could be a different idea to organize a tour focusing not only on the city highlights.
You can start your tour visiting the intriguing and picturesque Mercat Santa Caterina, with its shops and stands selling both typical and exotic stuff. Then you can have a walk along the historic and peculiar Carrer Petritxol, and eventually have a break in one of the different cafeterias of the gothic quarter where you can taste local specialities like chocolate, salami, dairy products, olive oil and wine. Gastronomy is a fundamental aspect for the cultural heritage of Barcelona.

Mercat Santa Caterina
The name comes from the old Convent of Santa Caterina since the market was built on its site. Born in 1848 it was the first covered market of Barcelona and its restoration ended in 2005. The first thing that grasp your attention is the wavy rooftop attached to the building through a wooden structure, it was designed by Eric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue and consists in thousands of coloured tiles which represents the different products you can find in this traditional market, that is to say fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, pastries, bread and everything you could ever need. Moreover you can find tapas bar, a restaurant, a supermarket and a small museum that shows the history of the same market and some ruins found during the restoration of the building.

Mercat de la Boqueria
It’s one of the oldest spanish markets, born in the XVIIth century because merchants didn’t want to pay taxes on products. It is also known as Mercat de San Josep, from the name of the destroyed old Convent on which now stands the market.
Probably the most famous market in Barcelona, la Boqueria is a local market on the iconic Ramblas. Its popularity is due to the central position (at the end of the Rambla) and to the wide variety of food you can appreciate. From the fresh fruit already sliced for those who wants to have just a quick and refreshing break to fresh fish and cured meats to aged cheeses, nuts and specialty products. You will learn about common ingredients used in Catalonian cooking and pick up some treats for later if you like. Thousands of tourists come from all over the world and this makes la Boqueria one of the most visited attractions in Barcelona.

Sant Antoni Market
Similar but bigger than La Boqueria, in this market you can appreciate the real catalonian life, since it is less crowded and more typical. On Sundays the charming Sant Antoni market opens to all those who are willing to know more about Barcelona and its inhabitants. Maybe you are wondering what makes this spots so characteristic and worth your time. There you can find second - hand books and stamps and many more!
Even if its construction is quite recent (Antoni Rovira i Trias built it in 1882), recently want under restoration. Nowadays its area is definetely worth a stop, not only because of the suggestive atmosphere that you can find here. Also, the area is surrounded by cafès, bars and art spaces, that's the right place to stroll around or just to relax from a visit here and there.

Mercadillo del la Plaça de Sant Josep
Rest your feet with a stop at a hand-picked tapas bar favored by locals for its delicious ‘pintxos,’ small snacks rooted in northern Spanish culinary traditions.
Located in the real centre of Barcelona, in the beautiful Gothic District, it's a small but interesting market. Here you will find catalan artists just in front of Sant Josep Church painting and depicting scenes and people of Barcelona. Why don't you stop for a portrait?
The majority of people just walk through San Josep Square without stopping at it, maybe because they are heading to Ramblas or to the close Santa Maria del Pi Church. As you can imagine, it's very easy to reach.
However, I promise you will be more than happy to discover a so special place!

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