Kid Friendly Tips in Barcelona

Kid Friendly Tips in Barcelona

May 10, 2019

Maybe you don’t believe that Barcelona should also be a wonderful place to take your children on vacation, but it is also full of places and activities your kids will love. From the monuments to the parks, passing by markets and districts, your children will enjoy the colors and carefreeness that fill up the Catalan city.

Attractions And Monuments


I know, Gaudì is not a monument nor an attraction, but he was the most influential artist in Barcelona and who created those wonderful breathtaking colored spots in the city. You children will be amazed by watching his creations.

In order of importance for children, I would suggest Parc Guell, Casa Batllò, Sagrada Familia, and Casa Milà, also known with the name of Pedrera.

If you are wondering why your children should love Gaudì’s creation just think that he used to refuse straight lines and to embrace colors and movement. Indeed, his creations are made of dynamic lines, original shapes, and vibrant colors that will remind your children about their beloved cartoons.

I would suggest you start from these attractions because both you and your children will love and appreciate Gaudì’s art.

Don’t you know where to start? Discover these wonderful tours to visit the works of Gaudì with your children! You will admire his art while your kids will enjoy while learning with the help of one of our skilled and kid-friendly guide!

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Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain in Montjuic will let your kids astonished and they will ask you not to go away. It is a huge fountain whose plays of colors let everyone hypnotized. Water moves to play with colors to the rhythm of the music, next to the beautiful background of Montjuic Hill.

Camp Nou

If your kids love football, you should definitely go and visit the Barcelona stadium, that your family would have the opportunity to visit entirely.

Click to the link below to discover the tour that could help you to the discovery of the city and the Camp Nou!

Highlights of Barcelona and Camp Nou Private Tour

La Rambla

This is a very famous street in Barcelona, full of shops and restaurants, it also offers a not to miss experience only walking up and down the street. Animals, flowers, food, and many many street artists that will make your children have fun.

I would advise to avoid this area during the night with your children.


Tibidabo is the name of a little mountain on the top of the city, which offers a wonderful view. So, why should your children love this? Because it is where the very famous amusement park is located! Designed for children of every age, your children will definitely fall in love with Tibidabo.


CosmoCaixa, Museo de la Ciencia

This is not very known by tourists, but it is a smart way to make your children enjoy your holiday. This is an interactive science museum, where your children will learn scientific discoveries while enjoying it as it was a game. For example, they will have fun inside the reproduction of a real Amazon Rainforest, inclusive of animals, a sultry heat, and tropical rain. Also in the Planetarium, they will learn about planets and stars while hypnotized in front of the 3D projection. The real gem of the museum is, however, the Toca Toca area, where everyone will have fun, tasting one drop of every existing sea and all the types of sands existing in the world.

Museo Dalì

Here it is another artist whose work was focused on peculiar shapes and colors. This museum is all about the wonderful art of Salvador Dalì, but you should reach Figueres (130 km from Barcelona). This is perfect for those who spend more than a few days in Barcelona and are planning to visit some other places outside the city.

The two following links will show you two very interesting tours for those who are not only interested in visiting this museum, but also for those who want to discover something more than the only Barcelona!

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Museum of Chocolate

Of course, as you can guess from the name, there is so much chocolate here!Inside the Sant’Augustì monastery, in Carrer Comerç 36, you can find this curious museum where statues and characters are created with chocolate. And of course, you can also taste so many different types of chocolate.


Parc Guell

Already mentioned while talking about Gaudì, it does not offer the wonderful genius’s creations, but also a huge and beautiful park where you can rest while your children have fun.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Near the Arc de Triomf, this is a big and beautiful green area where you can have a walk discovering interesting charming hidden corners. Here, you can also rent a little rowboat to enjoy your time on the small lake that is part of the park.

Parc del Laberint d'Horta

A little bit outside from the center of the city, there is this wonderful park where it is possible to find a labyrinth where to have fun with your children, pretending to get lost or playing hide and sick. Not only the labyrinth is interesting in this area, but also the park itself offers a lovely corner where it is possible to rest in the green.


La Boqueria Market

This very famous and beautiful market is popular among both the locals and the tourists. It is a typical food market where you can also stop and take a break drinking or eating typical products. Also, your kids will have fun while drinking a smoothie and watching the colored stands and walls.

Or playing with our funny Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger Hunt Tour of the Gothic Quarter and Boqueria Market



Besides the typical beaches at the Barceloneta, this is also a very good street where to take your children for a walk: the boardwalk offer a big sidewalk and a summery fresh atmosphere. I would suggest you stop with your children in the middle of Barceloneta beach and Vila Olimpica beach, very peculiar funny outdoor games will catch your children attention.


A beautiful colored district, where to have lunch or just tapear. The district is full of little squares where the simple act of enjoying a sunny day would be an experience. You can rest and your children can spend some time playing in the simple and refreshing air that is possible to enjoy in Gràcia.


The Gothic district is a must-see in Barcelona: it is one of the most typical areas of the city and a wonderful place where to understand the style of the city. There is nothing specifically for children, but this is a beautiful part of the city that no one should miss. Anyway, Barcelona is full of curious and colored corners that children would definitely enjoy.

You have just discovered the list of all the places your children would love in Barcelona, but of course, this city is full of places that adults and children would appreciate. Take your children in a different discovery of the city, but do not forget to visit the highlights of Barcelona, which are interesting for everyone. Find below the links of all the tours you can enjoy with your children in Barcelona and be ready to visit one of the most beautiful European cities!

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