How To Get Around Barcelona

How To Get Around Barcelona

Apr 26, 2019


Barcelona subway can take you everywhere in the city.

Indeed, it covers the area of the whole city and it is very efficient.

You can buy the tickets at every stop, where the specific machines are located. And obviously, in every stop, you will also find the billboards with the subway map on them and flyers that you can use and take away for free.

Every train usually arrives in 2-3 minutes, during the weekend it happens that it is a little bit slower arriving every 4-5 minutes, during the night after 10.00 you will find a train every 7-8 minutes.

The subway works from Sunday to Thursday from 5.00 am to 00.00 am, on Friday from 5.00 am to 2.00 am, and on Saturday from 5.00 am and all night long.


These, as the subway, cover all the city and will take you anywhere you need to go.

Anyway, transportation by bus has its pros and its cons. Of course, it is wonderful to move around the city watching the streets and attractions with the sun on the face; but this vehicle is much slower than the metro and smaller than it, so it is not so easy to find a place to sit.

The city bus can be recognized because it is indicated with the red color, it arrives every 8-15 minutes and works from 5.00 am to 10.00 pm.

During the night, there are the night buses called nit bus. There are indicated with the yellow color and arrive every 20-30 minutes.


You can recognize taxis in Barcelona because they are yellow and red, very striking. Moreover, in the city center, you will see many and many of these and this is the area where you don’t need to use the telephone or wait more than 2 minutes to find one.

If the light is green, it means the taxi is free; the yellow light advises that the taxi is taken.

Taxis are not too expensive: let’s say that a normal route would cost 10-20 Euros.

The taxi drivers are generally honest, and the only sporadic risk would be that they chose a longer route to make you spend some Euros more.


These buses are not really a mean of transportation, but mostly a way to admire the city while resting your feet, and maybe letting your children rest!

As in the most famous cities, you will be able to sit on the top admiring the most wonderful areas of the city center.


Suspended above the city, the Montjuic cableway offers people to admire a wonderful view of the city.

It starts from the Avenida Miramar, stops at Mirador del Alcalde, and arrives on the top of the hill, at the Montjuic castle.

Apart from the wonderful sight you would admire traveling on the cableway, the view from the three stops should not be ignored. Avenida Miramar is in front of Montjuic pool, from the Mirador del Alcalde a beautiful view of the port can be admired, and obviously, from the Montjuic hill, the whole Barcelona landscape can be clearly seen.


Of course, also this other cableway travels above the city and offers a marvelous view of the city. It was inaugurated in 1926 and still maintains a very suggestive style with its red colored cabins, which recalls that period.

The cableway takes people from San Sebastién tower, near the Barceloneta beach, stops at the Jaime I tower, at the port, and arrives in Avenida Miramar, on the slopes of Montjuic.


Even though the word “funicular” recalls something similar to the cableway, it has nothing to do with traveling above the city.

Of course, this is another vehicle that permits people to climb the hills of the city, but it works on the ground, like a subway, but uphill.

It is possible to take the funicular at the metro stop Parallel and arrives at Avenida Miramar, where the Montjuic cableway departs.


Barcelona also permits people to get around in some alternative ways, such as by bike, skateboard, and roller skate.

I would suggest to rent a bike and discover the city while enjoying the fabulous mild weather.

Indeed, it is very easy to find rental bike shops that offer very different prices and proposals.