A hint of Rock in Barcelona

A hint of Rock in Barcelona

Nov 17, 2018

Music is part of the real essence of a city : going out and dancing at the disco at night is a classic, almost everywhere. Lots of people spend their week waiting for the weekend to go dancing, even if most of them don’t even like the music DJs use to play at the disco. But in Barcelona everybody can find the perfect place where to spend an amazing night. Below a list of the best rock places in Barcelona.


Considered the rock club par excellence, it gives the chance to appreciate rock music from 11pm until 6am –jus during the weekend- since 70s. People of all ages hang out at this pub and they just want to dance accompanied by the different DJs that, though contemporary, play just pure rock.
The Magic hosts live concerts as well.

Sala Apolo

This is the Paradise for those who love live music, in fact since Barcelona is a city that never sleeps, a lot of bands, artists and new talents liven up the evenings during the weekdays. Mondays at Sala Apolo are very popular!


Located in a huge post-industrial area, it is made of 5 rooms : the Razz Club, with international rock music, the Loft, where you can appreciate electronic music, the Lolita Room, for the fans of techno pop music and deep house, the PopBar with garage and soul music and the Rex Room, with electro-rock music. It is like a labyrinth, so my advice is to try to be compact if you are a numerous group! And if it happens you go to the toilet, you won’t believe your eyes : a DJ will be playing right in front of sinks, to entertain people while waiting for their turn.


This is one of the most famous rock pubs, and has a room downstairs for live concerts too. You can find music of every genre, but the rock music is the principal style around which the entire scheduling develops.
This place dates back to 1982 and the floor looking out onto Plaza Real in Summer becomes a terrace. There you can have a drink while waiting for the right moment to go downstairs and appreciate a live concert, or go on your night dancing, when no concert is scheduled.


Located in Gràcia district, this bar gathers together all the peculiarity of a typical heavy metal bar, as the name itself suggests : Ballbreaker is an AC/DC lyrics. It offers a wide range of craft and draught beers and its walls are decorated with posters representing celebrities from rock and heavy metal scene.
You can’t miss to visit this place if you find yourself at Gràcia district.


You can find two places with this name in Barcelona, but this one –located in calle Tallers- stands out for the skateboard rink at the end of the room that allows you to practice. Until 9pm you can taste happy hours : beer and pop corn accompanied by grunge rock music. Lots of posters of rock bands adorn the walls.


Exactly at the crossroad between El Born district, the Gothic district and la Barceloneta, Bollocks is placed where people meet other people and their only goal is having fun enjoying drinks and rock and roll. This place is characterized by a wide variety of music, not just classic rock like Led Zeppelin, but also contemporary rock music. Why don’t you combine your beer with a delicious hamburger?

Rock music characterizes many of Barcelonan aspects, even if they are less evident than those of Madrid and Bilbao music cultures. I have just tried to give you some help to choose the perfect place for your perfect night marked by rock music. If you are not a rock music fun, consider it just a hint to spend a different night or a chance to get to know a new –and old- kind of music. Or just use this list to avoid those locals that don’t draw your attention!