Barcelona's Greek Theatre Gardens

Barcelona's Greek Theatre Gardens

Aug 16, 2019

Teatre Grec Barcelona

Teatre del Grec image credit Wikipedia

Designed during the 1920s by Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier, the Jardins del Teatre Grec (Greek Theatre Gardens) of Montjuic Hill are a peaceful oasis. While escaping from the movement in the city, you can find solace walking through these serene gardens and while strolling along you will surely discover the open air amphitheater.

Although seemingly ancient, this is actually a replica of an ancient Greek theatre. Inaugurated during the 1920s, as part of a city project designed to renew and promote Barcelona's heritage (Barcelona International Exposition), this theatre remained unused for a very long time due to the Spanish Civil War until the 1950s.

In 1976 Barcelona's local council brought the site and made it the location of the very first Grec Festival that is been taking place each year ever since and has since become the main event of the city. During the summer, this theatre becomes animated by a celebration of dance, music, theatre and circus during the The Grec Festival of Barcelona from the beginning of July until the end of August.

For five weeks of summer you can enjoy amazing open-air performances. If you plan on participating, make sure you book in advance as this festival is a reference for the European festival circuit and its events are usually booked a year in advance since it features the most international important artists. To find out more about it visit Barcelona Summer Festival.

The design of this open air amphitheater was clearly inspired by Ancient Greece, most specifically, Epidauro as explained by the architect that handled the project, Ramon Reventós. Besides hosting the main summer event, Teatre Grec has also become the location for international productions from abroad.

Originally designed as Rose Gardens and named “Rosaleda de Amargós”, in honor of the first architect that proposed the urbanization of the Hill, the Jardins del Teatre Grec have become one of the most beautiful locations in Barcelona and allow you to enjoy a view of the city despite being located in the lower part of Montjuic Hill. Make sure you take lots of pictures while visiting this romantic place!

Written by Anamaria Maier