Barcelona Photo Spots

Barcelona Photo Spots

Apr 07, 2019

Once in Barcelona, you will discover that every corner of the city is perfect to take beautiful pictures. Either climbing the peaks of the city or strolling in the typical alleys it is possible to find excellent subjects for amazing photos. If you are planning to visit Barcelona, here there are some spots that you should visit if you want to take breathtaking pictures. From the most known to the off roads, be ready with a camera and a smartphone to post your best pictures on your social pages!

Panoramic and Wonderful Shots

Do not wait to climb the peaks of Barcelona to admire the view of this beautiful city from the top, where you will take wonderful panoramic pictures capturing all the places and details that make this city beloved all over the world.

Turò de la Rovira

After visiting Parc Guell, keep climbing the hill until arriving at Turò de la Rovira. In fact, a way goes directly from Parc Guell to El Carmel where you can sit down and relax a bit, looking for the most iconic buildings in town. Commonly known as Bunker of El Carmen, this is an ideal spot to take pictures of the entire city not too far away from the beautiful park.


The Tibidabo funicular is the first one built in the country in 1901 and connects the town to the summit of the mountain. There, you will find a church visible even from Barcelona and an amusement park. To get the best views from there, use the big wheel and enjoy the incredible panorama that stands at your feet.

Another funicular that goes instead to the opposite direction is the one that reaches Montjuic hill. Discover another amazing view of the city and an amazing place where it is possible to take unique pictures.

Aeri del port

Reach the hill from the beach in just some minutes using the old funicular accessible from the harbor that connects it with Montjuic. We suggested to take the funicular during the sunset to enjoy the view and take your breathtaking picture of the sun going down on the sea and on the city.

Turò de les Tres Cruces


Once in Parc Guell, climb a little bit and reach the Turò de les Tres Cruces. Even though it is usually full of people, it would not be too hard to find a place for you to take your wonderful panoramic shot.

Do not lose to climb the little stone hill: even if you would be able to take your photo without doing that, it is a real experience not to be missed!

Unique Shots of Famous Attractions

Of course, also the very famous attractions of Barcelona deserve to be captured, even they had been already portrayed so many times. Here there are some suggestions about how to take different and unique shots of these well-known places.

Sagrada Familia

To avoid taking the classical picture in front of the Sagrada Familia, go to the little garden in front of the cathedral during the night. You will notice, and admire, how the famous church is reflected in the small lake of the garden. Once you see this wonderful effect you will not want to miss taking a splendid and original picture of the Sagrada Familia.

Passeig de Gracia

Two of Antoni Gaudì’s masterpieces are located in the very famous Passeig de Gracia: Casa Batllò and Casa Milà. There are two issues to consider about taking pictures of these two buildings. First, capturing them avoiding to stand in the middle of the street is very hard because of the crowd of people that usually fill the sidewalk in front of them and because of the proximity of the houses. Second, it is very difficult to take unique pictures of these two very photographed constructions.

First, to have a better and more limpid view of the houses, cross the street and take the photo from afar. Then, add interesting elements to your picture using the benches, trees, and characteristic elements of Passeig de Gracia. Here it is your perfect, unique, and beautiful picture of Casa Batllò/Milà!

Parc Guell

For what concerns Parc Guell, to avoid the crowd is very difficult, which is everywhere!

Except for Tres Cruces previously mentioned, you can enjoy the sunset when all the colors of the park enlight the atmosphere! Here you can easily play with the light and colors on the mosaics to take amazing special pictures.

Street Shots


As mentioned at the beginning of this post, also the streets, alleys, and corners in Barcelona offer interesting sparks for your pictures. This is all about your artistic fuel and creative nature; anyway, we can suggest you some of the most suitable districts to take this kind of shots. Enjoy the typical Barceloneta, Raval, Born, and Barrio Gotico districts to play with their corners, lights, details, street-art, people, walls, and the other endless elements that will activate your creativity.