Barcelona in a day: tips for who is short of time

Barcelona in a day: tips for who is short of time

Jan 29, 2018

Barcelona is the perfect destination for you both if you are young or adult, to have maximum of fun and learning. Before coming to this amazing city there are a few things you should know. Are curious about them? Let’s discover them with Real Barcelona Tours Staff!

1 - Sagrada Familia

First things first, let’s start from Barcelona greatest symbol: Sagrada Familia! Everyone who comes to Barcelona should have a stop at the charming church yet to be completed, so we recommend to start your Barcelona Tour right from here.

The construction of Sagrada Familia, Gaudì’s masterpiece, started in 1881, but by the time it was begun, the amazing building has changed its external appereance many times, due to the fact that more than one architect worked on it. Gaudi in fact wasn’t the first one to plan and project it, and Sagrada Familia had a completely different style.

You may wonder why visiting Sagrada Familia. The first reaction of visitors who come here is astonishment for sure: Gaudi incompleted work in fact is not only a holy place but also a location where the artist can play at the best of his talent, a place where fantasy mix itself with reality, taking your breath away.

2- City center of Barcelona: Passeig de Gracia and Las Ramblas

After having visited Sagrada Familia, there’s a street you can’t miss out on your one day itinerary for sure: I am talking about the very central luxurious Passeig de Gracia. This huge street is runned along by some of the most renowned brands and shops from all over the world as well as other unforgettable modernist constructions, most of them created by Gaudi himself.

It is the ideal mixture of relax and art break. Where can you recognize Gaudi’s mark? On Passeig the Gracia, there are two impressive buildings, called Casa Milà and Casa Batllò, located nearby one another. They were once home of wealthy barcelonian families and are now among the most beautiful attraction in Barcelona.

The most remarkable part of Casa Milà is certaily its roof, made of fantastic forms that seems to come from a wonderland of colours and creative symbols.

Going on with your walk, you will finally reach Catalunya Square, where las Ramblas, the most characteristic street in Barcelona, begin!

3 - Gothic District

There is nothing more characteristic than strolling around through the alleys of Gothic District. Entering this ancient quarter located aside Las Ramblas, you will be impressed by the the magical atmosphere that you are going to find here, the heart of the catalan city!

What are the unmissable locations to see here? First of all, you can’t miss out Barcelona Cathedral, Santa Eulalia, at the very center of Gothic District. Then, walking through the typical alleys, you will find the beautiful Plaza del Rei, where you will be able to admire the monumental building of Palau Reial Major, once residence of the Counts of Barcelona, as well as Kings of Aragon.

Whatsmore, in Gothic District you will explore also the place where political power is held in Barcelona, the City Hall.

4 - La Barceloneta

At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than relaxing in front of the sea at sunset, right? If you agree too, then you are in the right place! Barcelona in fact is located just in front of the Mediterranean Sea. You will have the incredible chance to walk along La Barceloneta, Barcelona beach promenade, and enjoy the breathtaking spanish sunsets!

Maybe you are wondering how to get there. You don’t have to worry, just take the yellow metro line and you will be there in a few minutes!

Are you going to visit Barcelona? Are you looking for new ideas to plan your trip to Spain? Contact us and our booking staff will be glad to assist you and to try to accomodate your needs.