The 5 most fascinating places in Rome

The 5 most fascinating places in Rome

Jul 10, 2018

Rome is worldwide known as the eternal city. Eternal because in Rome you can see the history mixed with the modernity. Eternal because if you get there, you will remember it for ever, and your memories will be eternal too.

I am going to suggest you the 5 most representative and fascinating places in this amazing city.


The Colosseum is so majestic that you can feel history living once again. If you think that the Amphitheatrum Flavium, as the Colosseum was originally known, was built in 75 a.D. and it's still there, and every year it hosts until six millions of tourists, you can really feel so tiny, not because of its size but because of the greatness of the ancient Rome, you can feel the past coming back.

The Colosseum was the place were gladiator's had they're fights and were the emperor, his court and also the roman people gathered to watch the gladiators' shows and other public events.

When visiting the Colosseum if you are lucky you can set foot on the restricted areas usually closed to the general public, the arena stage, exactly the place where the battles used to be set and the dungeon the underground part where the goods lift allowed gladiators and animals to get in the stage and have their fights.


Are you ready to enter the smallest country in the world?

The Vatican State is an indipendent State located within the city of Rome. There you can find the Vatican Museums, one of the most important collections of art in the world desplaying the wide variety of artworks collected by Popes during the centuries : the Papal apartments and the Sistine Chapel are only a part of what visitors can appreciate.

Talking about the Sistine Chapel you can admire the "Last Judgement", the world known Michelangelo's masterpiece, that for sure will take your breath away! It took 4 years to paint this amazing ceiling.

From the Sistine Chapel you can reach St Peter’s Basilica, the largest religious building in the world, house of the beautiful “Pieta” sculpted by Michelangelo when he was only 21 years old and of the impressive Baldachin projected in the 17th century by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the one who created St. Peter's colonnade too.

Spanish Steps

It is one of the most famous squares in Rome, its name derives from Palazzo di Spagna that is to say the Embassy of Spain among the Holy See located exactly there. The stairway was founded to connect the spanish embassy to the Church of the Santissima Trinità dei Monti.

In the middle of the square, at the foot of the Spanish steps, you can admire the famous "Fontana della Barcaccia" or Fountain of the Boat, dating back to the Baroque period and sculpted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and his father.

At the right side of the steps there is John Keat's home where he lived until 1821, turned in a museum "the Keats-Shelley Memorial House" dedicated to him and his friend Percy Bysshe Shelley, full of books and memorabilia from English Romantic period.

Navona Square

Going ahead with the baroque inheritance of the city Navona Square is worth of note, there you can find architectural and sculptural elements from Bernini and Borromini, two of the main characters of the baroque period. Situated in the middle of the square, where in the past there was a tank for the animal's watering, the Fountain of the Four Rivers, was created by Bernini to support the roman copy of an egyptian obelisk and represents the Danube, the Gange, the Nile and the Rio de la Plata, symbolising the whole world gathered together.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain, the famous fountain that marks the terminal point of the modern Aqua Virgo, one of the aqueductus that supplied water to ancient Rome, and represents Tritons guiding Oceanus' shell chariot, taming hippocamps.

This fountain is world known also because it appeared in several movies like "Roman holidays" and Federico Fellini's "La dolce vita", where Anita Ekberg dances in the fountain while inviting Marcello Mastroianni to join her in the water : "Marcello, come here! Hurry up!".

Legend has it that if you throw a coin in the fountain giving your back to it and than you turn immediately just to see the exact moment in which the coin enter the water, you absolutely will go back to Rome.

Why don't you experience a trip to Italy? Get ready for summertime cheerfulness, enjoy your Roman holidays and live your movie in this magical city.