5 bookstores where to find English books

5 bookstores where to find English books

Dec 14, 2018

Are you staying in Barcelona and you would like to find English language books? This could be a little complex, but not impossible!

Living in a foreign country gives you the best chance to get to know a different culture, a new language and absorb everything peculiar of that place. It happens that people who decide to go to Barcelona already speak Spanish and know how to attend a Spanish language class. Reading Spanish language books allows you to improve your vocabulary, but it doesn’t mean you should limit yourself. What if you would like to read an English language book?

Here a list of places you should visit.

Hibernian Books

It is the only second-hand English bookshop in Barcelona. Currently an actual physical shop, it was inaugurated in 2004, but just in 2006 they moved to the present location in Carrer de Montseny.
With more than 40,000 books, their collection includes both fiction and non-fiction titles, rare and antiques books in English. Moreover a handful of books in other languages like Portuguese, Finnish and Russian, everything nearly new at a nice price. Thanks to the wide variety of books they offer -including children’s books- everybody will find the perfect book to fit their needs. Most of the stock is based on second-hand books, but they offer a little selection of new releases too. Furthermore bringing them book you have no longer an interest in, you will get back a store credit. If you are searching for something don’t consult the online catalogue, do yourself a favour and go directly to the store!

Come In

Located in Carrer de Balmes, it is another great place where to shop English book in Barcelona.
Since 1984, it is a point of reference for those who are passionate about foreign languages, first of all English.
They have a wide selection of English literature, children’s book and games. Come In supplies tools to practice languages as well, for example book for locals who wants to enhance their English, or for English speakers who want to learn or improve their Catalan.
The collection they offer includes both the latest releases and the most famous classics.

BCN Books

It is a large bookstore with two locations in the city, both carrying English books. It offers a variety of resources for language-learning so here you have the chance to pick up some materials you need to improve the language you would like to practice. Mainly the store offers a section dedicated to guides, maps, history books and other local resources in English, so you can get to know more about Catalonia and Barcelona itself.


Launched in 2013, it is a great second-hand bookstore with various locations in Barcelona.
Re-read is not just dedicated to the English language literature, they offer also a selection of books in other languages like French, Catalan, and so on.
They use buy or swap your second-hand book, actually the price they offer you is just 20cents, but they will give your book a new life. The very interesting thing about Re-read is that the more you buy, the less you pay : 3€ for just one book, 5€ for two books and 10€ for five books.

Sant Antoni Market

Even though it is not a book market, this beautiful and historic building, every Sunday, hosts the flea market. You are allowed to browse through dozens of book stalls which include English language books, antique and rare titles. Located in Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, this market is worthy visiting not just for the atmosphere you can appreciate, but mainly for the building architecture -dating back to late 19th century- and the tasty traditional food stalls.

During the years people have started to substitute the habit to buy books with the one to download their electronic version : the eBook. Are you part of those passionate people who devour paper books? Or you prefer to download eBooks? I belong to the first group. The digital world is really fascinating, but I think books are real valuable objects created to be experienced, like every other kind of artistic activity, i.e. concerts or exhibitions.